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5 continuous release by singer cosplayer “Kurasaka Kururu” starting on Novemer 13 (Wednesday)!

Single digital streaming is now available for all 5 songs previously released only by CD!

“Kurasaka Kururu” has just released her mini album CD “Sewing Smile Sky” on June, 2019 and now will be releasing single cuts by digital starting on November 13 (Wed).

This will be a continuous release of each 5 songs, which is really an exciting news for her fans.

Her artwork’s costume is originally handmade by her inspired by the theme of her songs.

Enjoy each different costumes for each singles!



Release Schedule:


November 13 (Wed): Hallelujahphose

November 20 (Wed): Kurunyan Temptation!

November 27 (Wed): Shining Tomorrow

December 4 (Wed): MIRACLE CHEERFUL!!

December 11 (Wed): My Rainbow



Kurasaka Kururu talking about her exciting release and her new project! 

Check out her interview:

Her first single “Hallelujahphose” which was digitally released on November 19, is an uplifting energetic song that will cheer you up on a bad day!

Download Below:


Release Info:

Artist: Kurasaka Kururu

Title: Hallelujahphose

Release Date: November 13, 2019

Format: Digital Single

Genre: J-POP

Price: 250 Yen

Item Number: SMDG-0576

Music Label: 12Star

Released by:  Star Music Entertainment Inc,

Included Song:


Kurasaka Kururu BIO


Kurasaka Kururu started cosplaying in the year of 2007 as a hobby, and started her career in 2011. She has expanded her work in various fields such as being a host for TV shows and starr in music videos aside of modelling in cosplay shootings and events.

She also hosts her own events, and create her own fan goods and express her talent by making fun contents. She also loves sports and read essays and Sci-Fi, and loves to wear “KAWAII”(cute) clothes. She enjoys wearing make ups and cosplays expressing characters from Lolita fashion to “Onesan” genres.


Kurasaki Kururu