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18 year old singer songwriter Matsuri collaborates with Shinji Aoyama from cinnamons releasing 2 months in a row.

TikTok sensation “Matsuri” and composer/guitarist “Shinji Aoyama” from cinnamons will be releasing 2 songs about encounters and farewells and will be released 2 months in a row.
Matsuri is a rising artist discovered from “TikTok”, and has been featured in national TV shows such as “Mezamashi TV” and “Love Music”. Her debut single “Darling” reached 1M playson YouTube in just a few months.
Shinji Aoyama is a guitarist / composer of a J-POP band called “cinnamons”. A band famous for a so-called sweet candy voice. Their recent collaboration with “evening cinema” became a big hit in east asia, and has ranked no.1 and no.2 on Philippines and Vietnam’s Spotify chart.
This song also has been ranked 7th on Spotify’s most played international chart. In July 2020, the song hit no.1 chart on TikTok’s most used song in 4 Asian countries. The songs “summertime”s lyrics “#君の虜に” also won TikTok’s most used word on 2020 Music Awards, and became one of the representative songs of TikTok.

Matsuri and Shinji Aoyama’s co-written song is called “Aibana”. A song about graduation and farewells, capturing the cherry blossoms in spring. Their next song “Harukaze” will be released on April 14 (Wed).

Download below: