Terms of application

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In order for you to participate in this project (hereinafter referred to as “Project”), you must agree to this application form (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”).


The Applicant shall be deemed to have accepted this Agreement at the time of application.


  1. The copyrights and neighboring rights to the vocal data of「LIGHT YEARS feat Tashka」 provided by Star Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SME”) shall belong to the SME or any other third party who is entitled to such rights.


  1. The copyrights (including those rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Law) and neighboring rights of the remix sound source (hereinafter referred to as the “Entry Work”) submitted by the applicant shall belong to the SME or any other third party with the right at the time of application.


  1. The moral rights of author and moral rights of performer shall not be exercised against the SME and any third party designated by the SME.


  1. The Applicant is not entitled claim the SME for any compensation even if the Applicant receives any income from the use of the Entry Work by the SME.


  1. Any Entry Work that uses third party’s work, performance, phonogram, etc. without authorization will not be accepted.


If the copyright holder, performer, or producer of a phonogram is not the applicant, the applicant must obtain the prior consent of relevant copyright holder, performer, or producer of the phonogram to the application of this Agreement.


In the event any complaint and/or claim for damages is made by a third party due to the use of the Entry Work by the SME, such complaint and/or claim shall be resolved at the applicant’s own expense and responsibility.


  1. In the event that the Applicant suffers any damage in connection with his or her application for or failure to apply for the Project, the SME, affiliates of the Project, and artists shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever unless there is a reason attributable to them.


  1. The winner will be determined after an examination.


We will not respond to inquiries about the selection criteria and the selection process or results.


  1. If the e-mail address registered at the time of application is incorrect and we cannot contact you, we may change the winner.


In addition, we will not be liable in the event of any damage suffered by the Applicant due to the aforesaid change of the winner.


We will inform the winners by e-mail no later than January 21, 2019.


  1. This Agreement may be changed without any notice.


  1. The Project may be cancelled after giving advance notice on this website due to the operational status of the Project and other unavoidable circumstances.


  1. If an applicant violates any of the following prohibitions and prohibitions stipulated in this Agreement, or if the applicant is deemed to have a possibility to violate such prohibitions, we may invalidate the eligibility to apply, delete the Entry Work, or invalidate the award retroactively even if it has already been awarded.


In addition, in the event of any damage to the SME as set forth in the main clause of this article, the Applicant shall compensate all damages and expenses incurred by the Applicant.


①Conduct that violates laws and regulations or acts that aids, solicits, coerces, or promotes such violations

② Conduct that interferes the operation of the Project


③ Acts of interfering other applicants’ applications


④ Acts that infringe the reputation, social reputation, privacy, rights of portrait, rights of publicity, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, and other rights (including those provided for by laws and regulations, and all rights recognized in judicial precedents)


⑤ Acts for the profit of yourself or any third party and acts for the purpose of preparing for the same.

⑥ Defamation, threat, or harassment of a third party


⑦ Expression of race, religion, race, gender, age, etc. that leads to discrimination or discrimination

⑧ Conduct that associates, solicits, induces, or promotes suicide, suicide injury, illegal drug use, and other crimes


⑨ Sexual, obscene, violent expressions or other acts that cause excessive discomfort


⑩ Act of pretending to be another person’s name or the name of an organization of a company, etc.

⑪ Pre-election campaigns, election campaigns or similar activities, and conduct that is in conflict with the Public Offices Election Act


⑫ Acts contrary to public policy or common sense


⑬ Conduct similar to the above or conduct deemed inappropriate by the SME for the Project



  1. The operation of the Project and the application and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.


In addition, the Applicant agrees that the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall have exclusive agreed jurisdiction for the first instance over any litigation relating to the Project or Agreement between the Applicant and the SME.