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Japan’s TikTok sensation “September, Choushi wa doudai” Full Version is coming out soon!

A song that only lasts for 30 seconds but yet so powerful turned into a hit song that catches the hearts of  teens who have a hard time going to school in Japan. This song captures her experience of struggle during her teen days. 

“September, Choushi wa doudai” Full Version will be digitally released in February 28.

Ujitamai is a multi talented creator who has spread her wings in the world of social media and made her break in TikTok.

Her song “September, Choushi wa doudai” was inspired by the news she saw on 2019, which was about the increasing rate of children committing suicide.

She herself had an experience having a hard time going to school, which made her want to create a song reflecting her feelings during that time. Her song captured the hearts of millions of teens and has been played over 35 million times on TikTok.

【TikTok Original Video】

TikTok users who became a fan of this song uploaded their own covers and was spread on YouTube and Twitter which lead to more than a hundred million views.

She was overwhelmed with the reaction of teens who made covers and some, creating a full versions. Then, she decided to complete her 30 second unfinished song into one whole song with them.

She commented “I’ve enjoyed all the covers and the original lyrics they made for this song.  I’d like everyone to enjoy my whole version of it.”

【Release Information】
Title:Hitori Uta -September Choushi wa doudai”
Release date:28 February 2020 (Fri)
Distribution:Digital Single
Price:250 円
Catalog Number:SMDG-0620
Record Label:Music Star
Distributor:Star Music Entertainment Inc.

【Ujitamai Profile】

Ujitamai is a multi talented creator who is born in Tokyo.

Her love for music started when she was in junior high school as she started to sing and play the bass for a band.  She later enrolled in a school which specializes vocal acting and realized that she wanted to do her work freely.

She recently signed with Star Music Entertainment Inc. and now releases music with a concept to reach the hearts of people. Her song #Shimaumaninaritaina became a hashtag challenge and became a trend on TikTok which reached over 9,300m views. Her next song “Septeber, Choushi wa doudai” also became a big break on TikTok and is still growing.


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