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3 of ALL BGM CHANNEL creators have released their first original album!

“ofa”, “type-AB”, and “HKP”, the popular creators of ALL BGM CHANNEL have each produced their own albums great for various occasions such as relaxing, studying, reading, and more. ALL BGM CHANEL continues to spread their motto, “Make the world HAPPY through music”! 

◆ relaxing nature sound -Sounds of nature to enhance concentration- ( For studying, working, and relaxing) / ALL BGM CHANNEL feat. ofa

This album is created by “ofa”, who was inspired in the shower created this album. When you’re taking a shower, it somehow gives you relaxation and being clean gives you a fresh mind. In this album, you’ll hear sounds of rain and water.

Step into the world of water and feel the nature through this album!

Download below:

◆ A.M. life is good ~ lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop mix ~ / ALL BGM CHANNEL feat. type-AB

An album created by “type-AB” focusing on the theme of “life”. Due to the pandemic, people are stressed with the lockdown and the hearts and minds are tired due to the  internet. This album was created to ease the hearts of people through good music.

Download below:

Relaxing Classic Music -For activities, concentration and relaxing-

This album is produced by “HKP” with the concept of “Concentrating through classic music”. This album includes popular classic pieces such as “gymnopédies no. 1”.

A series of piano covers capturing the beautiful melodies of classics.

Download below